Istanbul Airport Museum

Istanbul Airport, one of the most modern and largest airports in the world, is located in Arnavutköy, northwest of Istanbul. Opened in 2018, the airport serves millions of passengers 24 hours a day, not only in terms of transportation but also in cultural terms, with its large and modern terminals.
Istanbul airport Museum, waiting for its visitors on the passenger floor of Istanbul airport, has been put into service to introduce people coming to Turkey from all over the world to “Anatolian and Turkish Culture” and to give passengers a unique cultural experience. Due to the location of the museums, the museum attracts not only visitors to Turkey, but also passengers who transfer.
Istanbul airport Museum is one of the airport museums in the world, for example, in Athens, Cairo, Singapore and New York, but also has the distinction of being the largest airport Museum. The museum hosts various exhibitions on an area of 1,000 m2, displays 316 original and replica works brought from 29 museums in Turkey.
Istanbul airport Museum, where historical artifacts describing many civilizations established in Anatolia coexist, stands out with the goal of creating awareness of Anatolia, the opportunity to see the most important artifacts in our history in a museum and every year with different concepts, to impress visitors and leave their mark on them.
Thousands of years of accumulation of Anatolia and Istanbul, personal belongings of emperors, portraits are exhibited with the most modern technological facilities and an interactive experience is offered to visitors. The museum's first exhibition "The Treasures of Turkey; to the throne Faces”, Göbeklitepe and Çatalhöyük artifacts from all periods including the works of Anatolian Civilizations in human history, the first known peace treaty "Treaty of Kadesh", Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman, Ottoman sultans belonging to the "Enchanted Shirts-robe” and belonging to the Republican period are exhibited.
 In addition, the museum, designed to show Turkey's Anatolian culture and heritage, has screens where visitors can perform artistic events. These screens give passengers a very original and fun experience.

With the exhibition “Treasures of Turkey; faces of the throne” currently on display, there are artifacts in the museum that provide information about the cultures of civilizations that have lived in Anatolia throughout the history. 


 1- Enterance 12- Hellenistic Period
 2- Throne of Cülus 13- Rome & Eastern Rome Period
 3- Video Area 14- Patara Collection
 4- Prehistoric Period 15- Anatolian Seljuk Period
 5- Gobeklitepe Diorama 16- Ottoman Period
 6- Uluburun Wreck 17- Manuscripts Collection
 7- Hittite Period 18- Republic of Turkey
 8- Urartian Period 19- Turkey in UNESCO List
 9- Phrygian Period 20- Museum Shop
 10- Lydian Period 21- Chamber of Wish
 11- Anatolian Persian Period 22- Exit